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Coach Cat


I'm Catherine, a lifestyle medicine speaker & coach.

Through speaking, coaching, products, and on my blog, I help people discover nutrition, fitness, and relationship solutions that can create a life with less stress and more health so that they can enjoy the activities, work, and people they love.

 I got into lifestyle medicine after realizing traditional medicine in the United States is focused on disease management. I believe prevention is the best medicine and developing healthy lifestyle habits is the best prevention I've found because it focuses on eliminating the root causes that give diseases a foundation. 

I have been a registered nurse in the state of Ohio for over twenty years.  Also, I am a certified case manager. I completed my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate at T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell. I have also been conferred a Certified Plant-Based Professional from Rouxbe Online Culinary School.

Some of my pleasures are preparing and eating plant-based masterpieces, stealing time away to bury myself in a book, relaxing with family, and doing anything active outdoors! 

Some of the things I value (in no particular order) are knowledge, art, science, curiosity, creativity, and LOVE.

Learn to Reverse and Prevent Disease So you can Live Healthy, Vital, and Strong.


Let's take this walk together! 

Enjoy what you eat. Enjoy moving your body. Enjoy your work, family and friends. 


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