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Reverse and Prevent Disease

Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is largely preventable. Yet it is the number one cause of death in the USA.

Obviously, our current model for treating heart disease is not effective. We have been focused on managing the disease instead of fixing the cause.

Learn about lifestyle changes you can make to fix the cause in order to Prevent heart disease, and also to Reverse it!

Learn how those changes can have a positive impact on our environment and communities too!

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Prevent Diabetes

Preventing and Reversing diabetes is possible for you even if it runs in your family!

Most type 2 diabetes treatments don't address the fact that there is fat in the body's cells.

Learn why limiting portion sizes and cutting sugar is not enough to slay diabetes. 

Learn specific inexpensive steps that can be taken immediately to prevent diabetes or improve your current diabetes diagnosis.

Doctor approved!

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Lose Weight

You exercise, you limit portion sizes, you make healthy food choices and yet... the number on the scale isn't changing.  

How about a new perspective on why.

Make a few totally do-able changes to your lifestyle and you may finally shed those stubborn pounds. ...Without expensive supplements... without hours in the gym.

Good nutrition with enjoyable daily activity will get you feeling comfortable in your clothes again... And smiling at yourself in the mirror!

Don't wait another day to be accountable to yourself for your health.

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Meal Prep Like a Boss

You can do this! I learned simple ways to keep healthy food at my fingertips and you can too. I can show you ways to keep it simple. You'll save time and don't have to get too fancy. We will start with some basic cooking skills.

My goal is to empower you with information and strategies so you can take charge of your health and live your life to its fullest. I want you to gain more energy and confidence

I know what it's like to exercise regularly and not see results. I've been there myself and I have cared for many patients who have been in the same boat. I also know how it feels to eat the "right" foods and still gain weight - been there, done that too.

Our culture has normalized eating for recreation. We have normalized stressful over-scheduled lives. We have normalized a day of very little physical activity. We got here together. Together we have to take action to change the norm.

I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly - I know the struggle is real and I won't give up on you!

Have Energy to Enjoy Life

With lifestyle medicine you'll have time and energy to enjoy the work you do and the activities you love.

After a hard day at work you deserve to do your thing!

Get stronger physically & mentally to tackle your life’s work and play!

Don't Wait to Reverse

Get started living your life Planted today ...Planted with energy and confidence ...Planted with strength!


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